BurnerMAX Payload Tool v0.15 - Утилита для записи XGD3 дисков до 100%.

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BurnerMAX Payload Tool v0.15

Год выпуска: 2012 г.
Разработчик: C4E & Team Xecuter

Утилита позволяющая записывать XGD3 образы на 100%. Привод Lite-On ревизии "B" теперь не обязателен. Подходят: Samsung, Pioneer, LG, Lite-On ревизий B,C,D и многие другие приводы на чипсете MTK. Прошивка IXtreme Burner Max не нужна.
Official release of the BurnerMAX Payload Tool - works with most MTK chipset based DVD burners (Liteon etc)

- No need to flash burner firmware. Delivers a realtime payload to increase capacity of DVD+R DL discs to support XGD3

- Support for stock iHas B, C, and D burners, all makes and models
- Support for many of the Liteon iHAS Clones
- Supports many other mnodels such as ASUS, Samsung, Pioneer and many others
- Supports many Liteon and Samsung USB External Burners
- Supports many Liteon IDE Burners
- Supports any disc burning software - we recommend iMGBURN

How it Works

Load your favorite burning software. Insert your blank DVD+R DL disc. Send the BurnerMAX Payload. Re-select your drive in the burner software and the capacity will be increased.
You will need to send the BurnerMAX Payload evertime you insert a blank DVD+R DL disc.

Special vendor specific commands are sent to examine in realtime the drives custom registers, searching for specific DVD+R DL blank media capacity and layer capacity parameters.

If found these registers are modified using another set of vendor specific commands.

Due to the use of stock firmware and different burner makes and models, any settings the burner has play a more important role.

For iHas burners B, C and D, recommended settings are:

Force Hypertuning - Enabled
Online Hypertung - Disabled
Smartburn - Enabled
Overspeed - Enabled
OPC history - Do not clear

Results may vary depending on hardware and disc brand.

Verbatim DVD+R DL (Singapore Manufactured) Blank Discs are recommended for best results.

I would like to wish everyone a merry xmas and a happy new year - many more goodies are coming......

Thanks go to Team Jungle for their hard work and efforts in the development process.
Thanks also go to Team Xecuter for their support to this project.

I wish to dedicate BurnerMAX Payload Tool's release to the victims of the Connecticut school massacre and the bravery of the school teachers involved who saved many lives.


- First release
Вставляете чистую болванку 8.5Gb в привод, запускаете BurnerMax, выбираете свой привод, ставите галку Auto и жмёте BurnerMAX, смотрите диск - размер должен увеличиться. Записывать как обычно, программой ImgBurn.
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