Brustad K.,Al-Batal M., Abbas Al-Tonsi Al-Kitaab fii Tacallum al-cArabiyya with DVD and MP3 CD. Part 3 / Курс по изучению арабского языка (3-я часть) [2007, PDF, ARA]

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Al-Kitaab fii Tacallum al-cArabiyya with DVD and MP3 CD. Part 3

Год выпуска: 2007 г.
Автор: Kristen Brustad, Mahmoud Al-Batal, and Abbas Al-Tonsi
Категория: арабский язык
Издатель: Georgetown University Press
Язык курса: Арабский
Формат: PDF
Качество: Отсканированные страницы
Кол-во страниц: 405
ISBN: 9781589011496 (158901149X)
Серия: иностранные языки
Описание: The final and most advanced volume of the Al-Kitaab Arabic textbook program, Part Three is intended to help learners reach a superior level of proficiency by expanding vocabulary and providing paragraph-level activities in reading, writing, and speaking. More than thirty authentic texts by writers from across the Arab world address a range of political, social, religious, and literary themes and represent a range of genres, styles, and periods. Although the book focuses primarily on modern Arabic, classical Arabic texts have been incorporated into some of the lessons to introduce students to the continuity of the language throughout its history. Like previous books in the series, Part Three presents vocabulary-building drills and contextualized explanations of grammar, with exercises designed to push students toward independent learning. The original text and audio are now bound together in one volume along with new video material on DVD that continues the story of Maha and Khalid in Egyptian Arabic, making Part Three an invaluable textbook and reader.

Заключительная 3-я часть знаменитого курса по изучению арабского языка.
Только книга. Дисков, к сожалению, нет.

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